Bathroom for Baby

I’ve never actually photographed the space and I actually like it way better than my own bathroom LOL.

I also thought I’d use this to link some of the items we’re using for Avery!

Product Links

+ Dr. Brown’s Infant Toothpaste & Toothbrush

+ Aveeno Baby Lavender & Vanilla Calming Lotion : we use this one specifically before bedtime after the bath

+ Aloe Butt Paste : we’ll use this if she has diaper rash before bed

+ Vicks Soothing BabyRub : we use this before bed if she has a runny nose

+ CeraVe Baby Lotion: this one I use on her face before bed

+ The Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash

Decor Details

The hanging seashell macrame piece I actually made! When I was on bed rest prior to Avery being born, I had some downtime and decided I wanted to make something for her “boho beachy” bathroom and this is the finished product!

The hanging mirrors I actually recently got at Target, before that our own photos from when we lived in Miami were hung up.

The mason jar on the counter filled with seashells are actual seashells I collected while we lived in Miami as well! I love that we have that little reminder of our time there, we always talk about taking Avery back there when she’s a little older!

Pretty simple decor, but I feel like it’s the perfect soothing and calming place to be for all of us as we unwind and get Avery ready for bed!

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