Spring Cleaning

So has anyone really done spring cleaning before? I’ll be honest, I really haven’t up until yesterday. We have a weekly “clean up and organize day” every week, which happens to be Sunday. We intentionally do not make plans on Sundays just because we know we’re going to be resting and resetting for the week ahead.

Yesterday however, I feel like I 100% had a little “spring cleaning” day. I went through Avery’s entire closet and filled about 3 trash bags full of donations (we’ve been donating her things to a church here in Orange County who gives the donations to mothers in need). THEN I actually organized my closet and ALSO filled a bag full of donations (something I literally have not done since my own mother used to force my sister and I to do this back in high school). So yesterday was a big day and one that I can officially put down in the books as my first “spring cleaning” day!

I also started to set Avery’s room up for spring and Easter! I’ve been decorating her dresser for each holiday and pulling any relevant books from her bookshelf for a quick read before bed! I plan on adding a little bit more and will definitely share more photos as I do!

These are the things that we do every Sunday, no matter what.

+ Grocery shop // Trader Joes and Pavillions is where we shop! I also wash and rinse any and all veggies and fruits and put them in bowls in the fridge for easy access. I’m 10000% that person that if something isn’t easy for me to grab, I’m likely not going to eat it.

+ Empty out the trash // in the kitchen, all bedrooms, & bathrooms.

+ Finish laundry // usually we start laundry on Friday nights but anything that was not finished (or at least folded and put away) gets put away on Sundays!

+ Throw out any leftovers // anything that we’d saved from the week prior and put in containers gets tossed! If we haven’t eaten it throughout the week, it certainly isn’t going to be any better 2 weeks later!

What’s your Sunday routine?


  1. My husband says I’m a manic cleaner; once I get going I can’t stop, so I frequently have ‘spring cleaning’ bursts throughout the year. Sundays for us start with the hubby making us breakfast, a trip to the gym or yardwork if it’s that time of year, grocery shopping, meal prepping lunches for the week, and finishing up laundry. I’ve also been trying to maintain a self-care routine on Sunday evenings with a bath, at home laser hair removal, pedicure… things of that nature.

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