Hitting Reset

I feel like every once in a while, I need like a physical & mental reset day or week where I can really just chill and let myself be a mess before really getting my shit together. This week happened to be one of those weeks FOR SURE and it was definitely unintentional.

The past 3 weeks have overall been pretty rough over here in the Franco household. It started with Avery getting hands, foot, mouth (a terrible virus that infants and toddlers get that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy- but more on that in a separate post) which kept me home with her all week which meant work for me when I got back was going to be full of playing catch up (which it was, and it was rough), then Joey got sick, he ended up also getting hand, foot, mouth from Avery because it is SUPER contagious (which was crazy he got it when I was the one home with her all week while he was at work and I didn’t get it- THANKFULLY), then this week the doctor I work for is out because he is sick so I’ve been asked to fill in for someone else and work for another doctor in the interim which isn’t necessarily bad, just more of an inconvenience to my normally scheduled programming. SO yea, things have been chaotic and all over the place over here- which drives my planned and scheduled mind CRAZY!

So I’ve completely neglected the gym, my skin, have not been drinking enough water, all of which have been driving me pretty batty too. So this week I’m giving myself a hard pass on all the things I normally do and am going to hit it hard next week!

If you happen to be having an off week/day or even month, I think acknowledging it is first off the most important thing and then second, I think just being okay with it and not beating yourself up about it. At least that’s what’s helped me rationalize it! Like okay, the past few weeks have been out of whack and not the norm, so I don’t necessarily have to be my “norm” either- I can skip a workout (or all 5) and just let that be okay for the time being. So that’s my plan and what has been helping me. Do you have any tips on how you get out of a rut?

I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to my routine and schedule next week!

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