Stocking Stuffer Ideas- For the Babes

+ Indestructibles, Books for Babies : Avery loves these and I carry 2 in my diaper bag at all times now!

+ Baby Nylon Bows : I love these because they aren’t your standard loud, obnoxious pink colors and they’re super soft!

+ Caharrt Beanie

+ Baby Einstein Tablet

+ Ankle Socks with Grip : we love these! Super thick and warm, and they actually stay on as Avery crawls and walks around!

+ The Little Mermaid Bath Toys

+ Copper Pearl Bibs : I have wayyy too many of these, but all the prints are so cute! And a lot are gender neutral!

+ Milk Snob Covers : so many prints!

+ Teethers : small, and you can find some cute ones to accessorize any gift or stocking.

+ Baby Converse : so many colors and gender neutral!

+ PJ sets : you can easily roll them up and tie a ribbon around them and plop them in a stocking!

+ Cozy stuffed animals : I love the Jellycat brand, and how cute are these two??

+ The Honest Co Shampoo & Body Wash : we use this every night for Avery’s bath!

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