Day Trip to Julian, CA

Happy Friday friends!!

So I know my posting is all over the place as of lately, BUT I’m excited to say over the next month and FOR SURE in January 2022, things are going to get more on schedule over here. I’ve got a lot of partnerships and exciting things coming up but have put a lot of stuff on hold for after the holidays and after my daughter’s first birthday! I just really want to enjoy this first holiday season as a family and am soaking it all up! And to be honest, am just super busy at work and right when I get home its 100000% about Avery and then once she’s asleep, all my time goes into planning and designing her first birthday party!

A few weekends ago, Joey and I planned a day trip up to Julian, CA. It was our anniversary weekend and we wanted to do something a little special and I’d been pinning and wanting to visit Julian for the longest time. I’ve long read that it’s considered the ultimate Fall destination here in California, so the fact that I’ve made it 30 years without having visited is kinda embarrassing for someone as obsessed with all things Fall as I am.

So naturally, I finally jumped at the idea of a day trip and we made it happen! Below you’ll find some fun facts about the city of Julian and then I’ve listed some of my must visit sites!

Fun Facts : Julian, CA

+ Julian is a historic gold mining town about an hour east of San Diego.

+ It is considered a mountain retreat and is one of the only places in California to have four distinct seasons: spring which brings blooming flowers like lavender and lilacs, warm summer months for hiking and star-gazing, it’s famous fall with ripe apples and autumn leaves (falling down like pieces into place-T.Swift reference, sorry but I couldn’t resist ;)), and lastly winter with it’s SNOW! I actually really want to visit once it starts snowing in Julian!

+ The city of Julian is famous for it’s apples and apple pies!

+ A cattleman, Fred Coleman found the first fleck of gold in Julian in a creek in 1870.

+ The Julian “Gold Rush” was short lived and only lasted from 1870-1900. You can actually tour the old gold mines and they have places where you can still “mine” for gold!

+ Pioneers originally lived here and farmed the land long after the gold rush ended.

+ Many of these early pioneers are buried in the Julian Haven of Rest cemetery, which is still open to the public today.

Must-See & Do in Julian, CA

+ So we didn’t actually go here, but it’s already on my list when we go back! On our way up we passed a Camel Dairy! When I saw the sign off the side of the road, I immediately googled it (Joey and I love animals and have done some pretty wild things like feeding alpacas, playing with wolves, almost went swimming with manatees (we missed their prime migration time on that one when we were living in Florida, unfortunately), feeding ostriches, etc so when I read that you can ride and feed camels, I was SOLD! I quickly called the venue and was so bummed that due to COVID they only held one tour every Saturday at noon and I was calling at 12:30 pm- which was such a bummer! SO if you’re planning a trip, I suggest checking their website to see if their tours are available and book it asap! Here’s the website 🙂

+ Tour a gold mine! I’m a sucker for history and love that you can actually tour the old mines! You can also visit Julian Mining Company if you want to pan for gold yourself or take the kiddos!

+ Go apple picking!! This requires some planning ahead, we missed the prime apple picking “season” which was actually end of September, early October this year. But next year I am going to plan our trip early so we don’t miss it! There are a ton of orchards you can visit- this is the one I’ve got saved for next year! Apple Starr Organic Orchard

+ Eat apple pie! In a city famous for it’s apples and apple pie, you have to give it a try! We stopped in to Mom’s Pie House and grabbed a few slices of the apple pie, and I must admit it was DELICIOUS! And that’s coming from a girl who prefers pumpkin pie!

+ Drink apple cider! We grabbed a few cups at the Julian Cider Mill and I will say it was probably the best apple cider I’ve ever had- and I’ve actually made my own before too!

+ Walk downtown Julian- it’s such a cute place to just walk around and soak in the fall ambiance. They also have super cute, unique shops as you walk through!

+ If you’re oudoorsy and want to do some adventuring, you can also hike multiple trails throughout the mountain scapes of Julian. I heard there’s even one hike that leads you to a beautiful waterfall!

I absolutely loved our little Fall day in Julian so much and am definitely going to make this a yearly thing for us! Except next year we’re going to the Camel Dairy and apple picking for sure! Our first time in Julian was a lot of fun regardless, we had a great time walking around downtown, sipping apple cider, and reading about all the historic buildings we passed along the way (okay, so Joey didn’t read a single thing, but I read them all and briefed him, don’t worry 😉 )

If you live in California, have you been to Julian before?

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