Breastfeeding Station 101

These days, I’m spending a lot of time rocking in a rocking chair (in Avery’s nursery), cuddled up on the couch (in the living room), and then of course laying in bed (when we finally make it there). There are things in each little “area” that I’ve set up in order to make breastfeeding easier/more convenient for me.

If you’re pregnant/ breastfeeding, here are my recs for what you’ll want to have nearby! You never know just how long you’ll be stationary for.

+ water

+ chapstick

+ hand lotion (my hands are crazy dry lately and I have no idea why?)

+ nipple balm

+ books (I have my baby book, quick reference guide, and then what I’m reading for fun)

+ Vitamin D drops for baby (1 drop per day, I usually give it in the morning before feeding)

+ burp cloth

+ breast pump (I have a haaka in the bedroom for the overnight feedings and keep my Elvie in the living room to use throughout the day)

+ air pods (if my husband has a meeting or baby is sleeping on me, I’ll use my air pods to watch videos on my phone during the day, then I bring them into the bedroom at night so I can watch a movie/tv show on my phone during the overnight feedings).

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