Packing the Go-Bag + Postpartum Essentials

So the countdown is officially on! I’ve been put on “bed rest” and am no longer working, which has actually been pretty nice. Discomfort and back pain has hit an all time HIGH so being home and not necessarily worrying about if someone hears me scream from some random pain (hi pelvic pain, I hate you) has been a definite plus for me!

We officially packed the go-bag and have everything set to go! I’m sharing with you all the things I packed and which postpartum items I ordered to have for post-labor and delivery. Joey’s awesome cousin actually emailed me her list and it was a TON of help, being this is my first go around with pregnancy, I had no idea where to even start. SO if you’re new like me, I hope this post will help you the same way I was given help!

Go-Bag Essentials

+ Cozy pajamas/robe : My girlfriend bought me the cutest robe that matches an outfit she bought for baby girl to be wrapped in for those first initial baby photos post birth. I also bought a soft, cozy nightgown to wear at the hospital as well. I know I may need to change into the hospital gown, but afterwards I’m thinking it’ll be nice to be in something a little softer.

+ Slippers: Again, my girlfriend bought me a pair of slippers to wear around the hospital and to be honest, I’ve already started wearing them around the house. They’re like having a temperpedic mattress for my feet!

+ Socks : I have no shortage of those thick, squishy, cozy socks! They’re my favorite and I hate my feet being cold. Definitely packed about 3 pairs in the go-bag.

+ Shower Sandals/Slides: I didn’t even think about this but it was on my cousin’s list, so I quickly threw an old pair of soccer slides into the go-bag for showering in at the hospital.

+ Pillows/Blankets: Joey packed a pillow for him and I have a pillow that’s been amaazzzinnnggg for my back throughout pregnancy that I plan on grabbing and bringing to the hospital as well. We have a few pretty warm, cozy blankets so we put one in the car for Joey just in case he gets cold in his little twin hospital bed.

+ iPad: We are definitely bringing our iPads all loaded up with movies to watch just incase!

+Snacks : We packed a lot of snacks (mainly for Joey, since I won’t be able to eat anything while in labor). He gets hungry pretty quickly and the last thing I need is him feeling faint because he’s starving!

+ Going home outfit for mom & baby : I packed two oversized, cozy sweaters and two pairs of LOOSE sweatpants to wear and packed baby 2 sets of onesies with hats and 2 swaddles as well.

+ Chargers : We can’t have any dying phones while we’re at the hospital!

+ Chapstick : My lips have been super chapped lately, so I definitely packed extra chapstick in the go-bag.

+ Facial Moisturizer : Going along with the chapped lips is dry skin! We packed my face lotion in the bag so that I don’t get irritated by dry skin while in the hospital (one of my pet peeves is when my skin feels dry!)

+ Normal Bed Time/Morning Essentials: Joey and I bought travel sized deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner. I also packed a travel size pack of makeup remover- not that I’m planning on wearing makeup but rather to help me feel refreshed if I sweat or anything.

+ AirPods : Just in case for music/movie watching.

Postpartum Essentials

+ Postpartum Undies: I’ve been told the hospital will send you home with a bunch of postpartum supplies, but for being home and possibly out and about, these were recommended to me! I ordered a pack of them and then a pack of the disposable FridaMom High Waist Postpartum Underwear as well.

+ Peri Bottle: For after delivery, I bought this FridaMom one! Also, highly recommended to me! This is to be used after delivery since it will likely be painful to use the restroom and wipe post delivery (TMI I know).

+ Nursing Bras: I bought a few of these soft, ribbed sports bras a while ago (only $7!) and they’ve been super comfortable. They’re also super stretchy so I’m planning on using these while breastfeeding and then also ordered a few actual “nursing” bras that were recommended to me! Here’s a link to the nursing bras, super affordable!

+ Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Set : This pack comes with ice packs, cream, and nursing pads.

+ FridaMom Medicated Witch Hazel Healing Foam : I’ve been told they give you a bottle of Dermaplast in the hospital but a lot of times it’s likely to run out, so I ordered this from FridaMom to have ready at the house. Same for the Tucks pads that are recommended for healing post delivery. I’ve been assured that they usually give you enough at the hospital- so I didn’t actually order any extra of those and will if needed. The foam and Tucks pads are meant for helping to speed up recovery post delivery from hemorrhoids, perineal tears, stitches & the entire perineal area after labor. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

+ FridaMom Ice Maxi Pads : Liners are given by the hospital as well (so I’ve been told) but read that these are a lifesaver! It’s a cooling pad that gives relief to any pain while also giving you the coverage you need as a pad.

+ MotherLove Nipple Cream : For avoiding dry skin while breastfeeding!

+ Washable Nursing Pads : This was such a good recommendation! Especially since I will be staying home with baby and with COVID still very much happening, I think these will be great to use and be able to wash instead of having disposable ones that I’d probably go through WAAYYY to fast! Of course, I also got some disposable ones for the diaper bag when out and about- post on my diaper bag essentials soon!

+ Haaka : My awesome cousin who gave me basically the list I’m sharing with you now, bought me one of these! If you haven’t heard of it before, I definitely recommend looking it up and purchasing one!

Well, that’s it for now, if I learn of any other suggestions, I’ll be sure to update the list!

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