Our views on Godparents & how we chose.

About two months ago we decided who we wanted to be Godparents to our baby girl. To us, choosing Godparents was not something we took lightly and we actually spent a lot of time discussing what a “Godparent” meant to us and if we even felt the need to give our daughter a Godparent to begin with. For example, I do not have Godparents- but Joey does.

That’s kinda where we started- did we feel the need to give her a Godparent at all? Very quickly, we both decided that yes, we did in fact want her to have a Godparent- just someone outside of her “blood” family that she would grow up around. That’s when we started to really think about what we wanted this person to mean to her, and what ultimately what they meant to us.

Some people have Godparents who are already related to them; like Aunts and Uncles also serving as Godparents- for us, we decided that we wanted to name someone outside of relatives to serve as her Godparent. We wanted to extend her family even wider and give her someone who she could talk to about anything if she ever came across something she wasn’t necessarily comfortable talking to her mom and dad about, or her aunt who would no doubt spill the beans to mom and dad 🙂

In addition to not picking someone already related to our baby girl, we wanted to choose someone whose personal morals and lifestyle already aligned with ours- someone who shares our values and will no doubt support how we want to raise our daughter and who will also seamlessly help raise her in the same way. I mean, you don’t really want to choose someone whose lifestyle is completely different than yours right?

The person we chose also had to be someone that we both trust implicitly in our own personal relationship- both our relationship to that person as a married couple and also as individuals. I think it’s important that whoever you choose be able to have their own relationship with both you and your partner. I feel very lucky that majority of our friends could just as easily send Joey a text rather than me, and vice versa (or, what is usually the case, starting a group chat with the both of us).

Another one of our deciding factors was- is this person around for the long haul? Is this someone we enjoy spending our time with and can see being a part of our growing family for years to come. I think that’s a big one, if you have any doubts about that, I would rethink your choices. Why give the responsibility of being your child’s Godparent to someone you don’t know will stand the test of time? I think that might be a reason some people stick with naming family members as Godparents, maybe because they know they already have a responsibility to be in the child’s life forever?

I luckily have a best friend who’s been through it all with me and has already been an extended family member of mine since we were 6 years old. So whether she likes it or not, she’s in it for the long haul! With all these things in mind, I knew she would no doubt be baby Avery’s Godmother. She is someone who cares tremendously and has the absolute biggest heart. Everything I wanted in a best friend, is everything I want Avery to have in a Godmother. While she’s been through all of life’s biggest moments with me, she’s also formed an amazing relationship with my husband and his family as well. It’s honestly my favorite thing and I feel very lucky and blessed to have someone like her in my life. Her and Joey text separately (mostly making fun of me or talking about football) and when she’s planning events (like my bridal shower and baby shower), she starts group chats with my sister, my mom, and Joey’s mom. We’ve already so effortlessly become one big family and now, I’m excited to watch her fulfill the role of Godmother to our baby girl once she’s here.

Well, I’m interested, do you have Godparents? And how would you choose? Let me know in the comments below!

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