What’s on my Nightstand


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Hi friends!

Welcome to today’s post, detailing my nightstand decor and the must have items that are ALWAYS located on my nightstand.

I have two frames sitting on my nightstand. One (the starry night poster), was a gift from one of my best friends and bridesmaids. She gave it to me as an engagement gift shortly after Joey and I got engaged. It’s a replica of the exact depiction of the stars looking up in the sky from Laguna Beach (with the coordinates of where we got engaged) on the night of February 3rd, 2018. I absolutely love it and it is one of my most cherished gifts.

The second, is our wedding invitation. We had it framed after the wedding and I wasn’t quite sure where to put it, but it found it’s place propped up right along side our bed.

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I haven’t replaced two of the books that are on my nightstand and I’m not sure I ever will. Joey’s mom bought us both books: A Bride’s Instruction Manual & A Groom’s Instruction Manual. I read them leading up to our wedding and they’re so cute and have a ton of helpful hints for wedding planning and what the roles of being a bride & groom entail. The third book is a fun calendar book. Each day it asks you a question that you fill in. There’s empty slots so that you can fill it in year after year. We started it in 2014 and have so much fun reading our old answers and then filling in our current answers.

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I always have some sort of body butter on the nightstand, so that I can easily apply it after getting out of the shower and before throwing my pj’s on. In the fall I stock up on Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter (it’s my favorite) and it usually lasts up until spring. Sadly, this is my last container till next Fall.

I got this cute gold/black bowl from World Market and filled it with my three favorite before bed items: L’occitane hand creme (my all time favorite, I will never go back to normal hand lotions ever again), EOS lip balm, and an Essential Oil Blend roll on (my mom swears by these things).

Right before bed, I’ll roll the oil blend on my wrists and on my neck, apply some lip balm, and then rub in some hand creme to keep my hands moisturized over night.

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And there you have it, there are all my must have bedside items! What do you keep on hand before bed? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I love the starry night print – I always see them on Instagram/Pinterest but have yet to have a significant date to make my own with (maybe I will steal yours and have the date I get engaged on it when it happens). I always have hand cream beside my bed too (cons of working in a hospital) as well as lip butter and a overnight facial moisturiser. I also always have the book I am currently reading beside me (at the moment it is a book about 100 ways to happiness). Thank you for sharing, your room decor is so cute!

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    • Thanks girl! Is that book good?!?! I’m reading Where the Crawdad Sings right now and need a book to read after! And that’s the same reason I have the hand lotion too! Working in the hospital makes my hands SO dry!


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