Quarantine- Timeline of a Day

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Good morning friends! Happy April 1st!

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that since the entire month leading up till now has basically been one big joke, there are certainly no pranks going on over here.

I thought it might be helpful to put together a little timeline of what my days have been looking like during this time of quarantine. I know one of the hardest parts for me so far, was creating a schedule and a routine and finding way to still feel productive. In case you missed it, I created a list of things to fill my days with and am happy to report that I’ve been sticking to it! You can catch up here, if you’d like!

Sticking to a schedule and not letting the day go idly by has really allowed me to keep some sort of sanity while staying indoors. 

+8:00/8:30 am:  Breakfast, coffee, check the latest newsI haven’t been setting an alarm but have been naturally waking up around this time. FaceTime #1 with my sister happens right when I wake up. (We’ve been Facetiming every couple hours every day since we’re both home).

+10:00 am: Check social media, Pinterest, and the blog. If I’ve posted content, do something to promote it. Upload an IG pic or story, pin, etc, and respond to any messages.

+10:30 am: Start reading! I’m not quite sure why, but my mind tends to zone out after reading for long periods of time, especially if I’m reading the same thing. SO, to keep my mind active, I’ve been reading 2 books. I’ll read one for 30 minutes and then switch to the second book for the other 30 minutes. I’ve already finished 2 books during the 2 weeks I’ve been home!

+11:30 am: Create content for the blog/map out some ideas. I’ll usually search Pinterest or jot down some ideas for future posts or things I’d like to talk about in my planner.

+12:00 pm : Lunch time! I make lunch for Joey and I as he continues to work.  As I’m eating, I’ll mindlessly scroll through Pinterest and Instagram.

+12:30 pm: It’s Spanish time! My goal is to do 1 hour of Spanish every day until I finish the entire course on Rosetta Stone. I’ve actually been doing my course for about 2 hours every day lately.

+2:30 pm-5:00pm: Chores. Here is where I’m doing all my quarantine funtivities. I already cleaned out and organized my closet. Next this week is a deep cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen. Then I plan on cleaning and organizing my makeup cabinet and jewelry boxes.

+5:00 pm: Exercise. Joey finishes up work around 5/5:30pm so when he’s done, we head out for a run together. Usually after running, when we get home we’ll do some body weight exercises before stretching.

+6:30pm: Dinner, relax, unwind, bake. We’ve been watching a different movie/documentary every night together, all cuddled up on the couch and it’s been really nice relaxing in that way! So far, we’ve watched the entire Divergent Series, The Snow White and the Huntsmen series, Tiger King (painfully addicting), and a handful of the Planet Earth documentaries. Do ya’ll have any recommendations on shows, movies, or documentaries?

Of course throughout the day, there’s phone calls and Facetimes with friends and family to check in. But that’s about the schedule I’ve been sticking too to give my days some structure.

Hope everyone out there continues to stay safe and healthy!



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