My secret Pinterest Board

So, let’s be honest- I’ve had a secret wedding pinterest board for years. I’m pretty sure I started it about 6 years ago when Joey and I first started dating (they say you know when you know, right?) Well, since my wedding is now physically over- it lives on in my mind because I replay the day over and over and over and have yet to stop (don’t plan on it honestly)- I’ve officially made my wedding pinterest board public. That way anyone can go scrummage through and see what I was using as my inspiration for our big day. I’ve created a collage here to give you a little hint- but there are levels to my board, different sections for bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers, arch and aisle decor, signs, quotes, the dress, literally anything you could think of that relates to weddings- I have a category for it. If you want to check it out, head to my Pinterest page by following this link.

– Pro tip: make your wedding board private but add your vendors to the board so they can check it out. I suggest you do this with your vendors such as florist, decorator (if you have one), wedding planner, and photographer. That way all your hired help, can see what’s inspiring you and what you’re looking for- giving them a better idea on what to deliver on their side for the big day.


I can honestly say this helped with my florist and photographer SO much. They were able to easily see what things I liked by scrolling through and seeing what I’d posted throughout my boards.



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