Color Run Fun!

Let me start this post by explaining what a “Color Run” is. The Color Run is a 5k run/race where throughout the race’s route, you run through checkpoints where various volunteers and machines spray/ soak you in different colored powder.  Typically everyone starts the race in white and ends the race a rainbow of colors! Each Color Run event benefits certain charities, so there is a charge to participate.

Now, knowing what the event actually is, enjoy a little video (below) of our experience at my first ever Color Run.

I’d seen pictures online of a Color Run event years ago and have always wanted to do one. Last year we came close but were unable to make the one closest to us due to scheduling conflicts. This year, the Color Run happened to be in Los Angeles on my birthday! When I found out about it, it was set. I knew I wanted to do it for my birthday and wanted to immediately get my family and some friends on board. Lucky for me, everyone was in right away and I didn’t need to do any convincing (whew).

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One of my favorite shows happens to be The Office and there’s an episode (Season 4, Episode 1) where the characters do a “Fun Run” and Michael (the boss) has t-shirts made for everyone to wear as they participated in the run. My fiancé, had our own little version of those shirts made for my birthday and I am absolutely in LOVE with them. They came out so good and are just too funny! Especially if you’ve seen the show and are familiar with the episode, it makes the whole thing that much more hilarious. Needless to say, we ran/walked the whole run quoting the show basically the entire time- it was a blast.

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I highly encourage you to do a Color Run if you have the chance! You can check out the event dates/locations here:

If you do end up doing a run, here are a few tips!

  • Wear sunglasses or something to cover your eyes as you’re running through the checkpoints. The powder is safe and nonhazardous, but feeling like there’s dust in your eyes all day wouldn’t be the most fun.
  • Wear clothes you’re okay with getting dirty. I wore old running shoes and workout shorts that I was okay with potentially ruining throughout the run. Good news-  my clothes are completely fine post run! Bad news- the beautiful tie-dye of color that covered my white t-shirt is also gone! The fun can only last so long I suppose!
  • If you’re bringing a camera/phone, make sure you cover it with either a waterproof/lifeproof case or a ziplock baggie. The powder/dust is literally everywhere and I cannot imagine the damage that would be done to phones not properly covered.
  • Bring towels/wipes for after the run to clean off. Especially if you drove with someone else. Trust me. The color gets EVERYWHERE and we were so smart to bring towels and wipes to dust ourselves off with before getting into the car.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Well, what do you think?Have any of you done a color run in the past??






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