My hands-down favorite winery.

This weekend was one for the books! First we celebrated one of my best friends’ birthdays on Saturday with a bbq at the park complete with a water balloon fight and a couple small sided soccer games on a bball court. It was an absolute blast and while I would’ve been completely content with that having been our event of the weekend, Sunday only brought more excitement!


Sunday was the first time that most of my bridesmaids were all together in one place! My best friend Cynthia, who lives out of state, is visiting for the month and while she’s here I really wanted to have a day where everyone could get together and go wine tasting. With the exception of my niece, who is 13 and lives in Indiana, and one of my other bridesmaids who had another committment, my remaining 4 bridesmaids, my MOH, and  I spent Sunday wine tasting at the absolute BEST WINERY.

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Cynthia did some researching and found Briar Rose Winery, a Temecula winery that GUESS WHAT?!?! IS DISNEY THEMED!!!! It’s the cutest place! It’s decorated as Snow White’s cottage and get’s it’s name from Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, who in the book, goes by “Briar Rose” when she is hiding out from Maleficient.

Perhaps my favorite part of the winery was that literally the entire time, unless someone else requested a specific song (which happened once), original Disney music from the classical movies plays on a loop.


Now, let me give a little backstory of how Briar Rose came to be.  A man by the name of Beldon Fields bought the empty land in 1970 and as an “act of love” for his wife, built her replicas of Snow White’s cottage. Beldon was an Imagineer who worked for Walt Disney himself.  Beldon is responsible for the design of Disneyland’s FantasyLand and ToonTown. So the Snow White cottage replica was built to perfection to say the least!

In 1990 the current owners bought the property from Beldon Fields with the promise to leave the cottages unchanged.  The current owners started growing grapes on the property and had such great success selling their produce to other local wineries that they began to win awards and in 2007 finally thought they’d begin their own winery and alas, Briar Rose was brought to life.

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Immediatly upon walking onto the property you truly feel like you’ve stepped into Snow White’s world. We spent our tasting portion of the day inside the cottage, sipping an array of whites and reds all while karoking our favorite Disney toons. I couldn’t help but get up and give a performance of The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” when it came on. Of course “A Whole New World” and “Hakuna Matata” were also big hits with our group. After finishing our tasting, we ordered a glass of our favorite wine and went on the scavenger hunt around the property- they have 7 hiding dwarfs, how cute is that!

We had plans on going to other wineries around Temecula but the one was such a hit that we literally stayed all day just talking, singing, and dancing around the beautiful property.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

It was just the absolute best day and I cannot wait for another bridesmaid get together day! If anyone is looking for a place to go wine tasting I would hands down recommend Briar Rose!!!




  1. Aww, the cottage is adorable! How magical that they played Disney tunes the whole time & even had a dwarf scavenger hunt! Looks like you all had so much fun! & I am in love with your outfit!!

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  2. […] A couple weekends ago Joey and I went on a little mini day getaway to Temecula, CA. Temecula is a town famous for it’s wineries and hot air balloon festival (something I’m looking into going too this year with my family!) The last time I was in Temecula, I was wine tasting at the cutest winery with my bridesmaids! You can read more about that trip here!  […]


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