What hanging with a bunch of alpacas is really like.

Hey guys! It’s been some time since I’ve had the time/chance to get on here and give some updates as to what we’ve been up too (reasons coming soon) but Joey did get around to making me this little video of our time hanging out with the alpacas a couple weeks ago!

Watch till the end to see me get spit on by one of these damn things #frown.

In the comments let me know what ya’ll think! Happy Wednesday!




  1. This is so cute! Good for you for being able to feed them from your mouth!!

    When I was little, I had a best friend that lived on a farm and they had an alpaca (along with 100+ sheep!). One day we were tasked with fixing the fence in the alpaca field. While I was helping my friend the alpaca came up behind me and tried to eat my hair! I’m a redhead so he might have thought it was hay…? He kept trying so I swatted up at his face and he spit on me. Since then I’ve met many an alpaca that I like. That one (named Clarence) was a real ass hat!

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