Feeling a lot lighter these days.


Well everyone, this past weekend I finally got the courage to go and chop off all my hair! Every year for the past 7 years, I’ve donated 8-12 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which then takes the hair and creates wigs for women battling cancer. Last March before we moved to Miami, I had donated it so I figured the time had finally come to make the chop again.

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Luckily, my hair grows so fast so by the time I’m missing my long strands of hair; it’s basically long again anyways. Although I am feeling like I’m super into this short hair (it’s so easy to deal with!), so I might have to schedule regular cuts to keep it this length for a little 🙂

If any of you long hair ladies are looking for a new look; maybe you can consider donating your hair as well!  All you have to do is tell your hairstylist that you plan on donating your hair. Then they’ll measure the length, put your hair in a pony tail, and then cut it off! You’re then responsible for putting the hair in a ziplock baggie and then into a padded envelope to ship off.

I’ll share the address below for the Pantene program, you can also check their website for the step by step instructions/qualifications for donated hair!

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Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Attn: 192-123
806 SE 18th Ave.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Happy chopping!




  1. I did that, when I was about 13. Haven’t done it since though. Usually when I cut off all my hair I had dyed it which they don’t want, or I only trimmed a few inches at a time.


  2. It’s cute that you think that your hair at that length is short. If my hair start grazing my shoulders, I think it’s too long and usually get it cut fairly soon after. Now that I have an impending wedding though, I’m trying to grow it out a bit. I’m sure this will be a struggle for me. I do really like the length of your cut though… super cute!


      • Last time I got my hair cut (back in August…?), I had my stylist do an under cut where she buzz cut the back of my head. I hate having hair on the back of my neck, so I was very happy with it. Right now, it’s right above my shoulders and I want to cut it so bad, but I’m trying to grow it out some for the wedding.


  3. You look great! For the past year I’ve been growing my hair to donate. But if I cut it now about 10 inches, it’ll be up to my ear approx, and I kind of want it to be at my shoulders or longer – so it’ll probably take a couple years to grow out 😂🤣 It’ll be worth it though!

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