A circus themed gender-reveal & my wild Halloween weekend recap.

This weekend was truly one for the books. Not only was it the weekend before Halloween (which meant Halloween parties up the ying-yang) BUT it was also one of my best friend’s gender reveal party. She is pregnant with her second child and I am over joyed!

The gender reveal was a smashing success, as I knew it would be, the decor and treats just so perfect and cute! Vanessa literally thought of everything; tons of games, a candy table, bags full of popcorn, and cups full of cotton candy for everyone to enjoy. I happened to be the only one who knew the gender so that I could prep some cupcakes filled with the appropriate filling as well as fill a pie tin with the same color; WHICH WAS PINK! They’re having another baby girl and I could not be happier about it! We were so busy running around and catching up with everyone so I didn’t get a chance to take many photos but here’s one of the moment that we put the pink filled pies in their faces!


Now, Saturday, after the gender reveal party ALSO happened to be the HUGE Halloween party that my friends and I have been planning on attending for so long! And finally the day to reveal our group costume as a whole! The party was insane. People were carrying around LIVE snakes, there was a DJ, a coffin filled with booze, an open bar, jello shots everywhere, a Photo Booth, and all you can eat buffet. It was amazing. AND little cherry on top; the actress that played Marni from HalloweenTown happened to be at the very same party with her boyfriend! Middle school Amanda’s dreams came true thats for sure.


We spent the night dancing around to some Halloween classics (Monster Mash being the BIG one), sipping themed drinks, and of course checking in every once in a while on our beloved Dodgers who are competing in the World Series. Below are some shots of our night! Do you recognize all our characters??



Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Let’s be real, Aladdin and Abu are the real couple goals.

You can go to my Instagram @amandac_smith to see some more highlights and catch my IG Stories for some videos of the night!

AND there’s still one more costume coming your way on Halloween!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween weekend! What did everyone dress up as?





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