10 Reasons why I love Orange County

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Whenever I’m having dinner or meeting up with some friends/family (like this very weekend) I often get asked how I like living in Orange County and how it compares to other places we’ve lived. While I’ll always love my hometown, the city of Pasadena will always have a special place in my heart,  and Miami will always be my biggest adventure to date; I’ve really enjoyed living in and learning about life in the OC. Below are 10 of my top reaasons for why I love living in Orange County.

  1. DISNEYLAND. Why this is specific to the OC is the PROXIMITY to Disneyland. A 20 min drive to The Happiest Place on Earth? I’m all about that.
  2. Orange County Soccer Club. Orange County is home to my FAVORITE sports team!  And where I spend most of my weekends cheering on the sideline 🙂
  3. The beach. Let me start by saying that Miami has hands down the best beaches I’ve ever been too. And I’ve previously sworn I’d never step foot on a California beach again. But here in Laguna Hills, that has all changed (sorta). The water down in Orange County is actually nearly as clear as that of Florida’s water, it’s still just below freezing and much too cold for my liking, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless to see and to relax beside a bonfire.
  4. Activity level. There are tons and tons of hikes and mountains here in Orange County, many of which will lead you straight to the ocean. And every road (with the exception of the freeways) are bikeable. And EVERYONE out here bikes! It’s so refreshing to see so many people exercising, either running/biking, at all hours of the day!
  5. Parking. We’ve yet to be somewhere where parking is an issue or hassel. Parking is alwayyyyss an issue anywhere in LA so this is new and very welcomed by us!
  6. Weather. Pretty much the best weather, arguably in the county. Much like the rest of California, it’s pretty mild all year long with a little cooler winter.
  7. CASA FRANCO MEXICAN FOOD. The absolute best horchata I’ve ever had. Joey and I literally get take out here every week. It’s so good!
  8. Shopping. Laguna Beach has the absolute cutest little boutiques and shops, along with the best cafes, frozen yogurt shops, and eateries. All unique and none of which are franchised.
  9. Angelina’s Pizza. Easily the best pizza we’ve had in California. But Louie Bossi’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL (which you can read about here) is still the best pizza we’ve ever had!
  10. Milk Box. I’ve never been a fan of boba drinks, but when I stumbled upon this place I tried their boba and was shocked with how much I liked it! And they even make their drinks with mini boba!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset




Outfit details

Glasses- Ray Ban Round Metal Remix

Top- White off the shoulder 

Jeans- CottonOn ripped light denim

Bracelets- Alex & Ani Letter Bangles  (I’m wearing a gold letter A bangle, and a silver letter F 🙂 )

Bag- Michael Kors backpack

Necklace- Gift from one of my best friends, I have no idea where it’s from lol



  1. The weather in California is seriously the all time best weather there is! I get so bummed when I visit CA and the beaches are still just as cold as they are on the East Coast, but they are just so beautiful to look at that it compensates for being so cold. And omg, I get soo jelly whenever I see that you’re at Disneyland. Unreal!!! Do CA residents get a nice discount similarly to Florida residents to Disney World?

    xo, JJ

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    • I know! I wish the water was warmer here! AND absolutely! The california resident pass is a great deal! and disneyland is so damn expensive that anyone living out in california should basically just get a damn pass! Luckily, joey went above and beyond for my pass and got me the one with no black out dates 🙂 next time you’re out here we should goo!!!

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