Summer fun & our “back in Cali” Fourth of July

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Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed that we were actually in MIAMI FREAKING FLORIDA for last year’s festivities. Time truly does fly.  This year we were so excited to be back home and able to spend the Fourth with our family. If you missed the low-down on how our California Fourth of July is spent; you can catch up by reading last year’s post here.


And although we weren’t able to make it for the golf cart parade this year (Joey had practice till about 11 am), we still had such an amazing day! The day was filled with food, games, driving the golf cart ’round and ’round, and of course completed with LOADS of fireworks going off literally 10 feet away from me. Below are a few of our favorite backyard/BBQ games to break out this summer!

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Best Backyard Games

  • Cornhole : Literally the most fun game to play; no matter who you’re with. I think everyone can enjoy a good game of corn hole. Even if you’re bad at it!
  • HeadBandzz/Heads Up : I’d actually never played HeadBandzz before this past week but I had so much fun! It’s a lot like the “Ellen app-Heads Up” but I’d say its actually harder since you are the one asking the questions to get the correct clues and ultimately guess whatever is on your head.
  • Bocce Ball: My first time playing was actually in Florida and we had so much fun playing that we actually bought a set. This is a game you can play anywhere, the backyard, the beach, etc.
  • Croquet: Easily the most frustrating game for me to play. Especially when playing with people who actually golf and are pretty accurate hitters (aka NOT me). We played this for Father’s Day and I’ll be honest and say I’m pretty sure I gave myself a mild concussion by hitting myself in the head with my mallet.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I highly recommend getting together with friends and family and trying out some of these games! A little competition between friends is never bad!


Happy Monday!




  1. Ah I’m obsessed with you guys, so darn cute together!!! That first picture is like “American Couple” goals hahah Love it!!! ❤

    xo, JJ


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