Exploring a pirate tower.


Upon moving to Orange County; I immediately pinned about a million different places to explore. The “Pirate Tower” was one that I really couldn’t wait to find. This weekend we finally took the time to explore it!

The tower sits in a cove along a strand of beach called Victoria Beach in Laguna Hills. It’s pretty tricky to find as a ton of gps apps take you to completely different places. I’ll write how we got there down below! Parking is also a bit of a hassle since the beach is located in a residential community. We got lucky and found street parking on PCH and then just walked down thru the neighborhood to the beach.


So now, here’s the story about Laguna’s famed 60 foot “pirate tower.”

It was built in 1926 for the family of state senator, William E. Brown. The tower actually houses a staircase that led up to Brown’s home from the beach and vice versa. In the 1940s the home was sold and it’s new owner, a man named Harold Kendrick began to dress up as a pirate and hide gold coins around the tower for the neighborhood kids to find, hence getting the nickname pirate tower.

Since, the home has been sold numerous times but the tower still remains and is one of Laguna’s most famed attractions.  From the beach, you’ll walk about a half mile around the cliffs to find the tower. And while the gate to the tower is locked, you can still explore around the base of the tower.



Coming South of the beach; you’ll be driving North on PCH till you hit a light at Nyes Place, turn right at this light and then about 50 feet after; take a sharp left (on Victoria Place) which will take you under PCH and into the neighborhood. Go straight down Sunset Terrace and you’ll see a staircase leading to the beach between two of the houses. If you’re lucky enough, you can park on the street throughout the neighborhood; otherwise it’s easier to just take the street back up to PCH and park on the main street and then walk back down to the beach (that’s what we did).

If you do happen to find parking in the neighborhood, make sure you aren’t blocking anyone’s driveway; the neighborhood is regularly patrolled and we passed quite a few cars with tickets on the windshield.


Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!




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