La Jolla, CA Must-See



With so much to see and do in and around the San Diego area I thought I would round up a list of my favorite stops and things I truly believe you should see if you’re visiting from out of town!

If you’re in the mood for a hike, there are literally tons of options. I would recommend the Ho Chi Minh Trail; detailed in my previous post! The trail is about a 30 min drive from La Jolla. It was on the way for us (if you’re coming from Orange County), otherwise it might be a little out of the way. But worth it for sure!



Other than hiking here’s the list of my must see places in La Jolla!

  1. See La Jolla Cove: Honestly anywhere you get a view of the coast is going to be beautiful; but being able to see the details in the mountains and the waves hit the coast the way you do at La Jolla Cove is unlike anything else and totally worth a drive by/ getting out of the car to take some pictures!
  2. Visit Sunny Jim’s Cove: Located at The Cave Store; you’ll pay $5 to walk down 145 stairs and down into the cave. The walk down is a breeze but for sure a workout on the way up! The cave is stunning to see!
  3. Walk thru the Legends GalleryThis is a pretty big art gallery and features the work of Dr. Seuss! I mean come on; you have to humor your 8 year old self and see some of his creations come to life. The man was a genius if you’re asking me. Anyone else literally take more of his life lessons to heart now than you did when you were a kid? My mom bought me the book “Oh! The places you’ll go” when I graduated (even though I’d had it when I was a kid) and it is sitting on my bar cart to this day.
  4. Visit La Jolla Children’s Cove: Yes, this is a different place than La Jolla Cove itself and to be honest I’m not entirely sure why it has the name it does. BUT this place is a must see! This is where you will see tons of sea lions playing in the water and along the beach. We were lucky enough to see tons of baby sea lions too (with it being pupping season and everything). The animals are protected along this cove and humans are unable to get on the beach for that reason. But there is a bridge you can walk out onto to get a closer look at the sea lions!
  5. Check out Sunset Cliffs: Sunset Cliffs offer another amazing view of the Southern California coastline; along with multiple hikes down/ up the cliffs!
  6. Kayaking: Kayak along the La Jolla coastline! There are multiple companies that offer single kayaks or tandem ones, some even offer tours! I personally like to venture off on my own so would forego the whole “tour” thing, but I’m sure they’re fun and full of great information! Especially if you are someone not from California to begin with.
  7. Eat somewhere new: La Jolla offers tons of local shops and eateries, majority of which are only located in La Jolla. Whenever Joey and I do weekend getaways we try to always eat somewhere new and unique to the city/town we are visiting.




Hope you enjoyed my little round-up!




  1. Great post! We visited La Jolla seven years ago. Our son really got a kick out of the children’s cove. So many seals! I remember we had lunch at a Mexican fast food place that was across the street from a exotic car dealership. Our son was really into fancy cars back then, and loved seeing all of the super expensive cars.

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  2. Amanda! I swear you just read my mind….When I went to Miami you posted all the good Miami spots and now Andrew and I are going to SD with plans on going to La Jolla and you just happen to write this post!!! God love you ❤ This is amazing because I 100% know that I want to thoroughly visit La Jolla but I just didn't know what exactly was there and what to see but now I'm over the roof excited. You're the best ❤

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    • Awwww yay! I’m so glad I could help!!! You’re going to have the best time!!! It’s absolutely beautiful there. You should also visit balboa park in San Diego! They have a ton of museums and things to check out! I can’t wait for you to visit! ❤️

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