Date Nights.

So first and foremost, let me be very honest in saying that I am SUCH a homebody. I would more likely than not, rather order take-out or cook in, rent a movie, and call it a night. I love cuddling up on the couch and binging one of our many Netflix shows/renting a movie.

Speaking of, have any of you been watching “The Crown?” I’m obsessed! It’s so good! 


Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going out and planning events with my girlfriends or doing a double date here and there, but when it comes to time with my boyfriend, going out doesn’t always appeal to either of us really. This type of mindset/lifestyle was a lot easier prior to moving to another coast, where we had “our” spots and routines, so even when we did do a date night, it was always local, easy, and never felt like much of an effort. Am I making sense?

In Florida, we had to make an effort to find new places and get out of our cozy comfort zone. Just learning about new places is an effort, let alone actually getting there lol. So I’m using this post to highlight some of the fun places we’ve been that I haven’t had time to talk about just yet. . we took the time to explore a few different roof top bars that offer amazing views of the Miami skyline and coast line.

Favorite Miami Roof Top Bars

  • Area 31 (at Epic Hotel)- a spacious rooftop with tons of seating (my favorite)
  • LvL 25  (at the Conrad Miami Hotel)- a smaller roof top area but has a great view of the water!
  • Fifty Miami Ultra Lounge (at the W hotel)-swanky late night part spot always playing great music.
  • Mayfair Hotel & Spa- a more laid-back rooftop scene with views of downtown Coconut Grove and the bay. The offer a great fire pit as well!

** Any of these rooftop bars are great for day or night!!


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A Few Date Night Ideas (we do)

  • See a movie- we often take turns picking movies and then pop our own (healthy) version of movie theatre popcorn to bring with.
  • Do dinner- either a local/usual spot (like we did) or try someplace completely new.
  • Cook together- during the week, things are pretty busy so our dinners are pretty straight forward and easy to make. During the weekend we typically pick something that requires a little more prep/time or something completely new.
  • Go to a sporting event- Here in LA, it’s was all about Dodger/Laker games. But we’ve enjoyed nights out to Marlins games and Panther hockey games out in Miami. (My boyfriend is such a loyal Laker fan that we’ll never attend a Miami Heat game ;))
  • Plan a trip- If we’re doing a weekend getaway, Friday nights are typically spent planning the trip together and packing.
  • DIY/Craft- Lately, I’ve been helping plan bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, gender reveal/ baby showers, so I’ve had tons of DIY things on my pinterest boards and typically I could use an extra hand creating, which is actually always pretty fun to do together.
  • Mini Golf/ Foot Golf/Golf- Being that we’re both soccer players (me-formerly), we always love finding a foot golf course and competing with one another. If you haven’t tried it before, definitely look it up and try it out!
  • Go to Comedy Night- Back in Pasadena we basically had standing reservations at a comedy club.
  • Do an Escape Room- I’m actually looking forward to doing one soon! But I hear they’re fun and exciting to do!
  • Hang at the beach for sunset– 100% a new Miami thing we’ve been doing and perhaps one of my favorites.
  • Visit an art museum/gallery- A lot of cities have free museum nights on certain days of the month, usually accompanied by live music. It’s super fun getting dressed up and walking around a museum together.
  • Game night- invite some friends over for a game night. We’ve done this with (my fav) Catch Phrase, Murder Mysteries, Fibage (on the PS4), and trivia.


With that, I thought I’d ask what some of you do for date/ nights out?




  1. I watched the Crown last month… had no idea Phillip was such a dick! But I am all about Matt Smith, even since he was in Doctor Who ❤
    Those rooftop bars look A1. Hopefully I'll come to Miami some day soon!

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  2. Homebody that loves to travel across the coast*** LOL But I totally feel you, I’m 100% a homebody too, which is crazy because years ago I’d die just being at home. I totally want to check out at least 1 of those roof decks in Miami, do you know if you have to have a reservation or is it like a first come first serve thing. Andrew and I do a lot that you guys do/have listed, but Escape Room has been on my list for so long now, I need to just go and do it. I heard that the ones here in Boston, they said 80% of the people don’t get out lol so now I’m determined!

    xo, JJ

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    • lol, good call….I should say other than all our road trips lol :))) You don’t have to have a reservation they’re all walk in! That’s crazy about the escape room! I’m really excited to do it but also really afraid lol


  3. We’re homebodies too, although we do enjoy going out for dinners every weekend. But we go home right after we eat. You gave some great ideas! We went to Second City (comedy club) recently – it’s always a good time!

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