Freezing in Santa Fe!


From Wichita Falls, Texas, it took us 8 hours to get to Santa Fe.

We decided to sleep in a little longer than we planned and left TX around 9 rather than our planned 6 am.


We arrived in Santa Fe 15 min before 5 pm, so unfortunately some of the things I’d written down to see, were already closing up by the time we arrived. I wanted to check out Palace of the Governor’s; which is a street where local vendors line up to sell their handmade goods from 10am-5 pm everyday. Another place I wanted to check out, that was also closed, was Canyon Road, which is an outdoor/indoor walk-able art gallery. So if anyone makes it that way and gets there before closing time, please let me know how it is! It remains on my bucket list for another time!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

What we did get to see/do was walk around the Historic District shops and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis, all in the 37 degree weather! The Cathedral is beautiful and so big! We weren’t able to get inside because they were preparing for a 5:30 pm mass, but walking around the outside was more than enough and I was more than ready to get back in the car with the heater running.

I’d read about this place called the Kakawa Chocolate House, a coffee house famous for their “drinking chocolate.” I had to try it and it passes with flying colors! A small cup is very small and $3 but the chocolate is so rich and creamy. It beats regular hot chocolate by far and is totally worth the $$!


On our way out of town we picked up some New Mexican cuisine from Maria’s New Mexican Restaurant. I highly recommend this place! We’ve been dying for Mexican food, we haven’t had any in 8 months(and I’m not the biggest fan of Cuban food)! This place  was everything we dreamed of. Joey got 3 beef tacos and I got a tostada with avocado (another commodity Florida has yet to master, their avocados are never ripe!). The food was delicious and then we were on our way to Farmington, NM. A 2 hour drive from Sante Fe.

Total drive time: 10 hours

Next Up: Vermillion Cliff’s National Monument, Arizona





  1. Ah that stinks that it was so cold out, I love how that was the title of your post though LOL its just not enjoyable when its that frigid out! You probably should’ve eaten one of those red chili peppers hanging on the wall, I’m sure that would’ve warmed ya right up 😉 That little cup of “chocolate” though is so cute- and at least you got your mexican food!

    xo, JJ

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