You be my Louisiana, I’ll be your Mississippi.

You know that Blake Shelton song? Honey Bee? Basically that’s Cynthia and I. And this specific quote kinda fits just too perfectly with the couple of days we spent together, seeing as we were reunited at her house in MS and then went to LA together the next day 🙂

Let me rewind a bit and explain our route and also apologize for being so MIA, it’s a lot harder to travel/blog at the same time than I thought! But back to the road trip: from Saint Augustine, FL we headed west to Meridian, Mississippi. One of my very best friends & New Orleans guest blogger (coming soon) lives on the naval base there with her fiancé, who is in the Navy. It was a 9 hour drive and I about cried when I was finally there with her. We’ve gone 6 months without seeing each other and let’s face it, wine nights over Facetime just doesn’t cut it.


Luckily, we made it to their house with just enough time to get Bentley all set up in our bedroom (Cynthia- I’m forever referring to that room as my bedroom. So there’s that 🙂 ) and rush over to get a chance to fly a simulator jet! Paul (Cynthia’s fiancé) was nice enough to take us and teach us how to “fly” a jet without the pressure of actually flying. It was so much fun. Joey is obsessed with the movie Top Gun so he had a blast play pretending. He was also pretty good at flying it, I on the other hand did a nose-dive and crashed. Eeeew, but it was so much fun and really, really cool. Because it’s a simulator, it did make me a little nauseous but Cynthia had previously prepped me on all that and I made it through!


After that, we went back to her house, where we planned for our day trip to New Orleans together. I cannot wait to share with you our experience. It was so so much fun and I am so grateful that we were able to share it together. It’s not everyday you get to explore a new city, let alone NEW ORLEANS with your best friend and significant others. The four of us had the best time running around, taking too many pictures, laughing our faces off, and eating wayyy too many beignets. But hey, when in New Orleans right?


So after our day in New Orleans (which will be up soon, photos and all), we spent the next morning having breakfast and shopping on the base. We had to rep Paul and get our own Navy gear! We also walked around the hanger, checked out some planes, and watched some take off/land. Paul knows SO much about planes, it’s insane! It was so much fun learning from him and just realizing and seeing exactly what he does and how important and hard what he does is.



It was so good to be able to spend time with the two of them. I absolutely love them both so so much and there is literally nothing like being with a best friend! Especially when we basically mirror each other and just spend all our time laughing. I can’t wait to share Cynthia’s post on New Orleans with you guys!

Total drive time St. Augustine, FL to Meridian, MS: 10 hours

Next up: New Orleans, Louisiana




  1. Flying a simulator- WHAT! how cool! When does anyone ever get the chance to do that! Kudos to you for traveling and blogging at the same time, I don’t know how you’re doing it but so glad that you are. I love your little road trip updates!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Have fun and stay safe!

    xo, JJ

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