And we’re off!

Thanksgiving weekend/Black Friday went by so fast! Holy cow, is anyone else feeling that way? It could be just me since I split time between cooking and holiday shopping with the everlasting chore of packing and checking off all my road-trip to do lists. We got the AAA visit out of the way last weekend and took our car in for maintenance and a car wash yesterday-squeezing in a little time for me to get my nails done for the road ­čÖé I mean, you can’t road trip for a week and worry about chipping your nails! (the ultimate pet-peeve in my eyes).

We’ve packed the car, loaded and prepared it for Bentley (a travel litter box in the very back and all), packed a cooler, got our first aid and flash lights, filled the tank, set up our gps device, car chargers ready, and playlist set! I don’t think I am missing anything at this point but of course I’m overthinking┬áeverything┬áand am feeling like I’ve forgotten┬áeverything┬áeven though I know I haven’t. Going a little crazy here.

I don’t have too much to post about here, besides a picture of my adorable kitten in her fancy road tripping backpack; but I will update the blog tonight with our day 1 adventures. We’ve got a couple stops planned as we head north out of Florida, which will end up being about an 8 hour driving day. Which isn’t even the longest travel day we have planned so we’re going to stay optimistic about it hopefully the whole way through!


Stay tuned for another update later tonight! Wish us luck!




  1. YAY! excited to see what adventures you guy embark on! Safe travels!!! PS- chipped nails is def my biggest pet peeve too, I just can’t deal lol

    xo, JJ

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