On the road again…

Okay, so maybe by reliving our road trip from California to New York, I subconsciously put the energy out there for another road trip…because here we go again! With season over and some time off, we have officially decided on going home for the holidays!

And by now, I’m not sure I really have to say it, but if you’re guessing, you’re probably right. We’ve decided to ROAD TRIP from FLORIDA TO CALIFORNIA! Home sweet home here we come!

We’ve got a lot to do between now and when we’re planning on hitting the road but the only thing I can think about is how in the world we’re going to do this with a cat?!? It’s definitely going to be interesting. We did order a cute cat backpack though, to make it easier to bring her places with us. If any of you out there have any tips for traveling with pets please let me know!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

This week has been pretty crazy, trying to plan out a route and time our arrival just right while also balancing Thanksgiving prep! But as stressful as it is now, I know it is only temporary and once we’re on the road all the worries and stress will fade away.

We have a few planned stops already- one in Mississippi to visit one of my best friends and her fiancΓ© and another to stay with another girlfriend in Texas. And of course New Orleans is on the list of stops! Other than that, we’re up for pretty much anything, so if you guys know of anything we should check out/detour to go see, I’m all ears!

I’m going to be as active as possible on the blog and cannot wait to share this journey with you! Let the packing begin!



ps- not going to lie, I re-wrote my own travel tips in my planner to make sure I got everything checked off the list! AAA being our first stop to pick up all the maps and tour books we’ll need πŸ™‚



  1. I’ve only ever dealt with a cat in my car once and that was for max, 1 hour (I rescued him from a storm drain and dropped him off with my brother who took him in), but it was not a fun experience for me or the cat (Mozy). Just an idea: I would like into boarding your fur baby. When my fella and I travel, we board our 2 dogs and bunny with our vet who offer a boarding service. Some place even have live feed so you can watch your babies while you’re away. Good luck with the planning. Can’t wait to read all about it!

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    • Thank you for your advice! I’ll look into it! Unfortunately we have a calico, and they’re known for their temper and only being comfortable with a few people, basically their owners. And she really doesn’t like when we have visitors 😦 so I’m not sure how she’d do in boarding. But something I’ll look into for sure!

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  2. No way!!! How exciting. The two of you are going to be professional road trippers by the end of this! How many days are you guys thinking of doing this trip in? And how perfect that you guys are going from one warm location to another warm location during this cold weather….I’m jealous I need the heat!

    xo, JJ

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    • We really are! haha. I think we’re going to make it in 6 days, but it could end up being 7! We’ll see πŸ™‚ And I know! We’re pretty lucky, the coldest weather we’ll see on the road and then be back home in another sunny state!

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