Ol’ Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween!!!

This weekend we celebrated Halloween by watching a scary movie, eating all the pumpkin desserts, and hitting a block party down in Wynwood. I absolutely love Halloween and particularly love making my own costumes by mixing real clothing with costume.

So without further ado, here are some photos from this weekend! We went as Cruella De Ville and a dalmatian! If you take a closer look, you may be able to find some hidden Mickey’s in Joey’s costume!



Cruella De Ville DIY

  • I bought a black long sleeved bodysuit, but you can easily do this with any black tee.
  • I used a black skirt I already had (#winning) but you can do shorts, leggings, etc.
  • Red gloves- bought at Spirit Halloween.
  • Black/Red mismatched tights.
  • Black/White hair spray, for that iconic Cruella hair!
  • Shaw- I bought faux fur fabric from Joanne’s fabric store, had it cut like a scarf, and then Joey spray painted spots onto it. (Let dry at least 24 hours before hand so that the spray paint doesn’t drip.)
  • Finish the look with some red lipstick!


Dalmatian DIY

  • Plain White Tee- bought at Target for $6- spray painted with spots.
  • Plain White Joggers- we luckily found these at TJMaxx, after searching literally all day for some white pants. Spray painted in the same way as the tee.
  • White hat- bought at Michael’s for $3-spray painted.

We made stencils for the spots using plain card stock and sprayed away. It was super easy and so much fun making our costumes!

What did everyone else go as this year?!?

Last night, on actual Halloween,  we went out to dinner with my aunt and uncle, who are visiting & then went down to South Beach for the festivities. We danced the night away with what seemed like a million other costumed people. It was so much fun and of course I had to mix up my costume a little bit,  so I took Cruella a little darker with some black makeup and lipstick 🙂


My Uncle, aka- Captain America, was a super hit. He had little kids coming up to him all night asking to take pictures with him, it was so cute!


Hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend!




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