From hurricane to hammock.

On Saturday morning, with Hurricane Matthew in the rear views, it was once again all sunshine here in the Sunshine State. And I could not be happier about it! A couple of weeks ago, we went out and bought a hammock and jumped at the opportunity to actually use it this weekend.


We went out to the beach and set up our little piece of heaven and just listened to the waves crash along the shore. I didn’t think the hammock would be as comfortable as it actually is and now I basically want to hang it up everywhere we go!

We first set up the hammock in Key Largo (where we went to get some authentic Key Lime candy to send home for my dad’s birthday) and just watched the sun set against the ocean. We fell in love with how relaxing just swinging between two trees can be! So Sunday, we took it out and set it up between two palm trees on the beach, I mean, what is more “Miami” than that!


I spent my entire Sunday laying on the beach, reading, and swinging in the hammock with my better half. We had such a relaxing weekend and are so overjoyed that Hurricane Matthew is behind us. Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week! Happy Monday!



p.s.: Last night for dinner we made the ABSOLUTE BEST chicken piccata and are going to make it again tonight #noshame.



  1. Good 😊 job..
    The beach 🌊 is for you to enjoy 😊.. so glad 😁 you had yourself a wonderful weekend..
    and after Matthew visit.. we welcome the β˜€οΈ sunshine β˜€οΈ…

    Liked by 1 person

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