Fort Lauderdale’s best eatery.


So if you’re anything like me, Italian food is hands down your all time favorite food. There are only two types of food I feel I could honestly eat all day, everyday. One of them being sushi and the other being any Italian dish imaginable. So, being Italian food obsessed, we kind of happened upon this place while we were exploring Fort Lauderdale one weekend and were immediately BLOWN AWAY. The name of the restaurant is “Louie Bossi’s” and the food is literally amazing and the pizza, quoting my boyfriend here, is “the best pizza he’s ever had” (for someone as picky as him, this is a pretty great compliment).

Since then, we’ve been back multiple times with visiting friends. Once with some girlfriends of mine while they visited from California and Texas and another time with some friends from Israel. Both groups second our review at how good the food is. But what’s great about Louie Bossi’s is it’s just not the food, but also the service and the environment. With my girlfriends, we had the BEST server, Christopher, who basically personally curated our entire meal literally drinks down to dessert. For someone who isn’t a big drinker, he perfectly suggested a great, light drink (the “Arrivederci”) for me to compliment all the food we were ordering. The three of us were planning on splitting a salad, pasta, and pizza. What we actually ended up ordering was completely different from what we spoke about at the table. We started with the pizza, to which he recommended one he thought was better (Rapini E ‘nduja), we agreed to try it, and from there he chose the pasta (Spaghetti, with just the best sauce we’ve ever had), and salad he thought best complimented the pizza (Brooklyn Caesar). And let me tell you, EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS. He created the best possible meal for us.  The second time we took friends, unfortunately we didn’t get sat at Christopher’s table, but nonetheless had to say hi and talk to him for a little bit. He is absolutely amazing at what he does and is so fun to chat with.

Walking into the restaurant, you immediately feel the energy of the place. The environment is so much fun, regardless of if you go day or night or where you sit. However,  the best place to sit, in my opinion is the back porch area. It is decorated in such a fun way and you can even play bocce ball while you wait for your food or after you finish your meal.

Louie Bossi’s is a MUST visit for anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area and our favorite restaurant to date!

Thanks for reading!

-Amanda 🙂

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