Summer nail polishes

Happy Tuesday friends!

If you read my post on my pet-peeves (you can review it here if you’d like), you’ll know that I’m pretty picky about my nails and actually hate when I don’t have my nails done. I do my own nails though, so I’m not spending money every week on them, unless there’s an event where I want to make sure they look and stay looking good (like my engagement shoot, bachelorette party, etc). I’ve recently bought a few new nail polish shades for summer and thought I’d share them with you! Year round, I’m a pretty neutral girl and don’t really wear too many bright colors unless it’s for a specific party, theme, etc. This summer, I thought I’d venture out of my norm and branch out into some brighter, more fun colors for the warm summer months!

I recently bought the fun orange color to wear to Palm Springs and love it SO much! All nail polish names and brands are down below!


Turquoise & Caicos (Essie) / Off- Tropic (Essie)

Eurso Euro (OPI) / Endless Blue (Sinful Colors)

You’re such a Budapest (OPI) / Shades On (Essie)/ Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI (OPI) / Take a Chance (caption)

Alpine Snow (OPI)

Tiramisu for Two (OPI) *my favorite neutral!

Soles on Fire (Essie)

Just Lanai-ing Around (OPI) / Bahama Mama (Essie) / Ghetto Galactic (NaiSinc)

I am keeping one of my favorite neutrals in rotation because it’s just so good and still light enough to work for summer. Once summer is over, I’m for sure going to head back to my more neutral tones, but I am having a lot of fun experimenting! Do you have any favorite nail polish colors?

Let me know in the comments!








  1. I absolutely love alll these shades! This motivates me to change things up a bit more. I would say my favorite shade is probably Zoya’s August gray/blue color. Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Time for me to go nail polish shopping starting with these as inspo!

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