What a better way to start off a Monday than with a post about pet peeves? Is Monday the biggest pet peeve or what? I’m curious to know what your pet peeves are, and I’m sharing some of mine below. Do we have any in common?


  • Gel manicures– when they’re coming to the end & start ripping off your nails and then your nails are weak & brittle for months! My nails are still recovering from a gel manicure I got in February!
  • Waiting for your nails to dry- while on the topic of nails, I love doing my own nails, I really do, I just hate the waiting around after and feeling like I cannot move my hands for 2 hours afterwards or else they’ll smudge.
  • Doing dishes in the morning- I absolutely loathe doing dishes in the mornings, there’s just something about getting freezing cold water all over my hands when I’ve just barely woken up.
  • Trash in my car- I make a good point to clean my car out of any trash like right when I get out of the car. If I went to Starbucks and had a straw wrapper, next time I get out, you better believe that trash is coming with me!
  • My bed not being made- I’m totally one of those people who make the bed as much as I possibly can. It makes me feel so much more organized when I’ve made the bed in the morning!
  • Loud music/tv- Okay, so call me like 100 years old or something but I can’t really stand loud music or the tv being super loud. If the speaker is shaking and vibrating, like thats wayyyy to loud (IMO).
  • Rude drivers- I’m a very passive person in general, and driving is no different. I always let people in my lane, wave people on, thats just the way I am and I tend to believe that karma will bring that same type of kindness back to me. It really makes me quite sad, actually, when the second I put my blinker on to change lanes, the person in the next lane purposefully speeds up so that I can’t get over!
  • Chewing with your mouth open- Okay, I think everyone at some point has had an issue with this one. Can everyone just stop chewing with your mouth open please?!? I don’t need to listen to a coworker chomp down on their sandwich, let alone literally watch them eat the thing.
  • People who don’t understand personal space @ the gym- Okay so we have a gym in our complex and I very purposefully take my yoga mat and weights in the corner of the room to avoid getting in anyone’s way and to make sure there is enough space for others to workout. It drives me nuts when someone sets their mat directly next to mine! It’s a HUGE room, like anywhere else would be fine.

I think those are all basically my biggest pet-peeves, at least all I can think of for now! Tell me, are any of your pet-peeves on my list? What are yours?






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