Wedding Wednesday- Skin.

With an impending wedding in the future & with engagment sessions scheduled next month, I’m really amping up and focusing on my skin care routine. I’ve been traveling lately and have been under an extreme amount of distress so my skin is currently in the worst condition I think it’s probably ever been-and that includes the whole high school puberty years. yikes! 

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But I know that I also haven’t been taking care of myself the way I should be, I haven’t been working out just because I haven’t had the time, haven’t really been eating anything, and not drinking nearly enough water, so of course my skin is all out of wack. This week I started what is hopefully going to be my bullet proof skin routine. I’ve always done cleansers and toners and moisturizers but I’ve never added any type of serum or oil and now that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s been about 2 weeks on this little routine/experiement of mine and I must say, I think it is working and my skin feels softer and seems brighter! My routine is split into morning and night so lets start with a.m.


When I wake up, I don’t typically use any type of cleanser or toner, just because I really don’t have enough time in the mornings, I like to sleep as much as possible, which leaves little time in the morning to be applying anything to my face, I don’t even wear makeup to work! In lieu of that, my morning routine is relatively easy.

Step 1: Serum: Once I wake up, I apply two pumps of the Trader Joe’s Antioxidant serum all over my face. Serums are formulated to target certain skin ailments, such as acne, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, etc. This leaves my face feeling super smooth and is full of vitamin C to help brighten my skin and keep dark spots from getting darker!

Step 2: Moisturizer: After eating breakfast and allowing the serum to soak in, I apply my moisturizer. In the mornings I use Neutrogena’s Visibly Even daily facial moisturizer. This gives me the SPF needed during the day and also helps with lightening the dark spots and pigmentation of my skin, making sure my skin color is even across my face. 

Step 3: Facial Oil: I just started using this facial oil and it is honestly the best smelling thing in the world! It smells so good and literally makes my skin feel like it’s brand new and full of moisture! I’m using Herbivore Facial Oils and would definitely recommend it! I chose this specific oil (they have a lot of different ones) because I wanted to focus on my skin being youthful and maintaining a healthy glow. 

Step 4: Lysine vitamin: I started using lysine to prevent cold sores when a friend of mine told me he started taking it and hadn’t had a cold sore for years. Before I went out to buy it, I did some research and realized there are so many additional benefits of taking the vitamin as well. It promotes healthy skin and hair, improves heart health, & helps reduce anxiety and stress (since a deficiency in lysine is linked to anxiety and depression). 

That’s it for my morning routine! 4 easy steps and I’m out the door! Now if I was going out or going to an event, I’d follow the facial oil with foundation and then the makeup regime would take place. Which I’ll hopefully write soon in another blog post! 

My PM routine is a little more complicated-

Step 1: Cleanser– I use a CeraVe cleanser in the shower right before bed. I’ve found that this one is pretty easy on the skin. I have pretty dry/sensitive skin and alot of other cleansers were leaving me with peeling skin. I also typically work out in the afternoons so my skin has gone through the ringer with sweat and everything so having a gentle cleanser is critical for my p.m. routine. 

Step 2: Toner– After I get out of the shower I use Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free toner, I have the rose petal one but next I’m going to try the lavender one! This toner is super light and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean! 

Step 3: Serum/ Spot treatment– I use the same Trader Joe’s facial serum from my a.m. routine. The serum leaves my skin feeling super soft and locks in the moisture after having cleansed and toned my skin. If I need to spot treat for a specific problem area, I use Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne spot gel on certain problem areas before the serum.

Step 4: Moisturizer: I’m using two different moisturizers at the moment, in the mornings I’m using a Neurtrogena sunblock moisturizer and then at night I’m using SheaMoisture African black soap moisturizer for problem skin. This one is a little thicker than I’d like but it really locks in all the products and as tea tree oil in it, which seals all the moisture in. It’s a must for anyone with oily prone skin! 

Step 5: Facial Oil: Lastly, I return back to my Herbivore facial oil to close out the routine. I love going to bed with the oil on, it smells so so so good and really sets the tone for a relaxing night of sleep! I feel like I’ve just left the spa after applying it! 

And there you have it! My skin routine, just like that! Hopefully this routine holds true and continues to clear and smooth my skin! I’ve linked all products under their name if you’re interested in trying any! 





  1. I really need to get back on my skin care routine, these winter months are so harsh on my skin that I forget it needs a bit of extra love! I’m awful because when a product runs out and I forget to buy it, I lose the motivation! x

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