Current Struggles

Hi all! I know it’s been quite some time, but I’m currently in the thick of finishing my application for PA school! And let me tell you, it has not been the greatest time in my life lol. Why is applying to schools so nerve wrecking and stressful?!?! I’m losing my mind typing, retyping, editing, and re-editing every. single. detail. of the entire application.

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For those of you who don’t know, PA schools use an online application system called CASPA. There are 4 main sections of the process, all with sub-sections associated with them. First and foremost (and the easiest of them all) is the Personal Information section: your full name, birthdate, social security #, where you were born, etc. That was a breeze to get through. The second section is Academic History and THIS IS THE MOST DETAILED I’VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE SO FAR. You have to get your transcripts from every school you’ve attended sent to CASPA and then also get your offical transcripts sent to you so that you can manually enter each class, class #, # of units, your grade, and when you took the class. This was the most tedious of anything I’ve probably ever done!

I’m officially on the third section which is Supporting Information, where Letters of Rec are uploaded (by your recommendors themselves), where you write your experiences and volunteer hours, achievements, licenses and certifications, memberships held, and then not to be forgotten, where you upload your PERSONAL STATEMENT. I’ve literally written the damn think about 6 times and am still terrified every time I open my word document to re-read it. Has anyone else ever felt that way? It’s like I’m terrified of my own words!

The fourth and final section is specific to the programs you’re applying too and consists of extra materials they want like resumes and supplemental essay questions.

The entire process has been quite overwhelming but I am nearing the end! I’m hoping to submit by mid October and then fingers crossed for whatever comes next! Tonight I am taking some well deserved time off and am attending GoFest with some friends so I’ll have to write a post about that soon!

Till next time, hope all is well with all of you!




  1. Oh my god, I hate when they ask you to manually type everything in that’s on a document you’re sending them! Whenever I would come across a job application where they do that, I always think, Do I even want this job? They are definitely a sadistic bunch of motherfuckers!

    Also, re: personal statements. I have a lot of experience tutoring and editing writing, so if you want to send it to me I can give you some feedback 😉

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  2. Well that doesn’t sound fun at all! I just recently signed up to take a motorcycle course at the local community college and had to register there. I think they were confused as to why someone with a Bachelor’s degree was applying for community college. 😅

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  3. Hey, girl! I sympathize BIG TIME. I was right in your shoes a year ago (but applying for NP programs).You’ve got this! It will be the best feeling when schools start sending out those acceptance letters! Keep us posted 🙂


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