Tips for Surviving the Snow

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Like I’ve previously mentioned, I am not one for the cold. If I have about x1908475 layers on and feel snug as a bug (as I ensured was the case this weekend) I can tolerate the cold weather.

Going to the snow is the only exception I have, where I will full well embrace the cold and volunteer my time in below freezing weather. It’s just too gorgeous and rare to pass up!


Having said that, here are some of my best tips for surviving the snow:

  1. LAYER. LAYER. LAYER: literally, I wear like 4 layers underneath my heaviest coat and about 2 pairs of leggings under my jeans/pants.
  2. SOCKS: I wear little ankle socks under longer knee high socks, under thick socks. I hate when I can’t feel my toes (worst feeling ever). Layering will ensure that if water/snow seeps through my boot, it won’t make it to my feet.
  3. Handwarmers/Feetwarmers: We bought like 20 of these, something we also brought to New York during that road trip. The warmers really work and will save your hands and feet. Keeping them in your jacket or gloves helps keep them warmer longer.
  4. Keep top layers waterproof: This will keep your layers underneath dry and keep you warmer longer 🙂
  5. Bring a scarf/beanie: Keeping your neck and ears warm are big points of interest with keeping your whole body warm.
  6. Bring Vitamin C: Anytime I’m cold for an extended period of time I instantly feel like I’m getting sick. So we made sure to bring some Vitamin C to take each day before heading out.


Anyone else have any great tips?




  1. I am suchhh a baby when it comes to the cold. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m naturally always cold lol I swear the wind will blow and I’ll be freezing but totally the only way to survive the winter and cold is layering! On top of hand and feet warmers, I love wearing leg warmers with a hair of boots! Totally helpful. Also, those views are totally worth braving the cold for, those mountains are unbelievable!!

    xo, JJ

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